ReesInc. offers a wide selection of cable and rope pull switches designedand built to withstand rugged industrial plant environments. Vinylcovered aircraft cable, indicator lights and various accessory items arealso available. Rees Inc also offers lockable emergency stop switches,pushbutton operators, ergonomic palm buttons, double plunger start-stopswitches and many complimentary accessories such as legend plates, ringguards and pilot lights. We also offers lockable emergency stopswitches, pushbutton operators, ergonomic palm buttons, double plungerstart-stop switches and many complimentary accessories such as legendplates, ring guards and pilot lights.

"Rees products are what we use on our equipment. The best we've ever had. Just one example is a Rees palm button that’s on our punch press machine. It lasted 30 years before we needed to replace it. (It’s quality AND made in the USA ) I highly recommend Rees Products."

-Rey from Dayton Superior

"I find it very convenient and expeditious ordering parts through your website, rarely needing any in-person help. But when I do it's always been excellent."

-Kevin from C&W Services

industries served

We are proud to serve such industries as: Automotive, Conveyor, Material Handling, Food Processing, Automation and Many More...